A.S. Pisonese is a semi-professional football club from Pisona, Juliana. They play in the Liga 1 Juliana and have a partnership with Libertan club FC Wikistad since 2015.

They have a basketball team as well, competing in the national league and the WB League.

Current squadEdit

A.S. Pisonese team

A.S. Pisonese's starting lineup for the 2014-15 Liga 1 Juliana

No. Nation Position Player
2 Flag of Juliana DF Trevor Carloni
3 Flag of Juliana MF Alex Gasser
4 Flag of Juliana MF Alessandro Chigou
5 Flag of Juliana DF Andrea Novinič
6 640px-Flag of Italy.svg FW Michele Pinato
7 Flag of Juliana MF Anej Guberac
8 Bandera de traspes DF Pedro Herrera
9 Flag of Juliana DF Luka Kokić
10 Bulgaria FW Ivaylo Ivanov
11 640px-Flag of Italy.svg FW Cristian Farelli
12 Wales MF Neil Owen (on loan from Reading F.C.)
13 Flag of Juliana DF Andy Grigio (on loan from Pisona F.C.)
14 Flag of Juliana MF Marcello Pollenzo (on loan from NK Partena)
15 France FW Louis Duval (on loan from FC Wikistad)

Notable former playersEdit



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