Anton Berčič
Anton Berčič
Name Anton Berčič
Born March 17, 1900
Died January 10, 1976
Positions Secretary General of the Communist Party (1940-1976)
First Secretary of the Government (1946-1976)
Political party Communist Party of Juliana
Religion None

Anton Berčič (1900-1976) was the first communist leader of Juliana. He was the First Secretary of the Government between 1946 and 1976. He was a strong leader of Juliana but when he died the communist regime collapsed shortly after. He crated the Communist Party in 1935 and was a communist partisan in the World War II period.


Anton Berčič was born in Strivica in 1900. He enlisted as a soldier in World War I in its final year, 1918, on the Allied side and saw action in Austria-Hungary. In 1935, he created the Communist Party of Juliana but it was made illegal in 1938. In 1941 Italy invaded Juliana, and he organized a part of the resistance of the communist partisans. He was the leader of the Julianan Army

When he died in January 1976, the Communist Party elected Peter Kaspar to be the Prime Minister, and it would start the 1976 Invasion of Juliana. Berčič preferred that Peter Rozman was the leader, but most of the government wanted someone younger and newer.

Policies Edit

Anton Berčič had a lot of controversial policies, but some were good. Because of the destruction, he created a lot of apartments so the people can live for not a lot of money.

Personal life Edit

Anton Berčič married in 1929 Ana Marjanović, who originally was from Bosnia. He had two sons, Peter and Damjan.

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