Danilo III of Juliana
King Danilo III
King of Juliana
Reign 31 August 1902 - 22 February 1946
Predecessor Pietro I of Juliana
Successor None
Personal information
Born 25 August 1875, Pisona
Died 22 July 1946, London
Consort Martina Vukotić (1899-1946)

Danilo III, born Danilo Giovanni Maria Filippo di Juliana (25 August 1875 - 22 July 1946) was the last King of Juliana between 1902 and 1946. He was born in Pisona and he was the son of King Pietro I.


Danilo was born in 1875 in the Palace of Pisona. His father was King Pietro I and his mother was Maria Giovanna of Tuscany. His mother died in childbirth.

In 1899, he married Martina Vukotić, who was from Serbia. They had four children.

In 1941, Italy invaded Juliana and he escaped with his family to Yugoslavia and then Egypt. They came back, but in 1946, the communists made Juliana a republic. He died after that in 1946 in London, England. His descendant that is the actual pretender is David de Bernières.

He was a relative of the Brunanter Royal Family (Princess Louisa Alexandra) and the Libertan Royal Family (Princess Catharina and Princess Christine).

King Danilo was very rich and he had a famous car collection. He had a Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 1920, a Martell-Werner T-23 1926 and a Duesenberg SJ 1931.

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