Dianna Bartol
Dianna Bartol picture
Diana Bartol
Positions Held

Prime Minister
September 5, 2014 – Present

Predecessor: Martin Gašparič
Deputy Minister: TBD

1999 – 2008

Parents Peter Bartol, Maria Rada
Spouse Ciaran Sisley
Children Unknown
Alma mater University of Pisona
Languages Spoken Slovenian, Italian, French
Religion Roman Catholic
Vital Statistics
Age 30
Birth 25 May, 1984
Death Still Living
Physical attributes
Height 1.78 metres

Dianna Bartol (25 May, 1984) is the Prime Minister of Juliana. She is a member of the political party Positive Block but before that she was a fashion model. She studied political science in the University of Pisona and she was a model. In 2003 she won third-place in the Miss Juliana competition. She was a model until 2008 and then she joined Positive Block. In 2014 she was an important member and she was chosen to be the leader becase she was very popular in Juliana.


Early lifeEdit

Dianna Bartol was born in Strivica in 1984. Her father, Peter Bartol was a mechanic in the town and her mother, Maria Rada was a nurse. From 2002 to 2007, she studied political science in the University of Pisona and one year in France.

Modelling carreerEdit

Ciaran Sisley

Ciaran Sisley

In 1999 she started to be a model, she was a model for children's fashions for a store's magazine and in a television commercial. In 2003 she was in the Miss Juliana competition and she was third place. In 2005 to 2008 she was a model of the Traspesian fashion company Look.

Personal lifeEdit

Her husband is Ciaran Sisley, born in 1976. He's a fashion designer who's from Dublin, Ireland and lives in Juliana since 1998 and created the company Ciaran Sisley. In March 2015 she said she's pregnant and they will have a child in November 2015, Julia Bartol-Cisley.

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