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Welcome to the website of Juliana, a republic that is situated in between Italy and Slovenia. Juliana is a Democratic country. Here you can create a character, join the political sphere, make businesses, museums and assist in making the pages better. We have 222 articles!

The Republic of Juliana (Repubblica Juliana, Italian, Republika Juliana, Slovenian) is a country that is situated in Europe, close Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. The population is 103,000 people and the area is 705 square kilometres. Juliana was independent since 1271 and again since 1577.

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Pretana is a mountain in west Juliana in Avia Province. Monte Pretana is 1,830 metres tall and it is the highest mountain of Juliana. It is an important national symbol. Pretana was ascended in 1806 for the first time, but before that 6 people tried to do that but they failed. In 1970 the area of Pretana was named Pretana National Park.

Avia Sign.png Avia: A Roman town in north Juliana from the year 21.
Ciconia Sign.png Ciconia: A beautiful town beside a lake.
Marziga Sign.png Marziga: a small town famous for the cuisine.
Partena Sign.png Partena: a town in the mountains of Juliana.
Pisona Sign.png Pisona: Juliana's capital city.
San Pietro Sign.png San Pietro: an agircultural town with many pastures.
STRIVICA sIGN.png Strivica: a historic city with many monuments.
Sveta Lucia sign.png Sveta Lucia: a beautiful ski village in the mountains of Juliana.

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