Julianska nogometna reprezentanca
Nazionale di calcio della Juliana
Logo of Football Federation
Nicknames The Alpines
Confederation UEFA (Europe)
Founded 1921
Head coach Bandera de traspes Marcelino Carrizo
Captain Gabriel Bernardi
Home Stadium Pisona Stadium, Barbieri, Pisona (capacity:10,200)

The Juliana national football team is the national team of Juliana. The national team was created in 1921 but it wasn't very good for many years. In 1958-1968 was the best period, the golden generation but they didn't win any tournaments. The Juliana Football Federation controls the national team. The internationally most well-known player is Toni Delpin who plays in the Italian Serie A.

History of the National TeamEdit

Frančišek Batina

Frančišek Batina

The national team was created in 1921. In WFC 1964 they were in the group stages for the first time but they lost 5-1 versus Luxembourg and defeated Traspes 2-1 but also lost versus Haiti 2-0. Juliana was in the WFC 1968 but they lost in the first round versus Belgium 3-2. A important player of this period was Frančišek Batina, player between 1960 and 1968.


Most of the players of the national team are in the Liga 1 Juliana but some play in clubs abroad. 

No. Player Birth Position Club
1 Andrea Drašler 1985 Goalkeeper Libertas FC Wikistad
3 Gabriel Bernardi (C) 1982 Defender Flag of Juliana Pisona F.C.
4 Enrique Cassio 1986 Midfielder Libertas FC Wikistad
5 Ivan Cesić 1991 Midfielder Flag of Juliana A.C. Ciconia
9 Toni Delpin 1990 Midfielder 640px-Flag of Italy.svg A.C. Cesena
10 Erik Verbič 1993 Forward Flag of Juliana NK Partena
11 Vittorio Diamanti 1990 Forward Flag of Juliana A.C. Ciconia
12 Julio Pečer 1988 Midfielder Slovenia FC Koper
13 Alen Gregorič 1987 Forward Flag of Juliana NK Strivica
17 Mario Basi 1995 Defender Flag of Brunant FC Donderar
19 Valerio Mastour 1989 Goalkeeper Flag of Juliana Pisona F.C.
20 Xavinho 1994 Forward Flag of Juliana A.C. Ciconia
22 Mario Danarito 1983 Defender Flag of Juliana NK Strivica
25 Andrea Novinič 1987 Defender Flag of Juliana A.S. Pisonese

Famous former playersEdit

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