Royal Coat of Arms of Juliana
This is the List of monarchs of Juliana. The monarchy does not exist anymore but the pretender of the monarchy is David de Bernières.

House of Premis (1271-1505)Edit


The Premis-Lievertas family tree

Picture Monarch Life Reign Consort(s)
Peter Premis and Elisabeth Premis Peter Premis 1237-1295 1271-1295 Elisabeth Mitterburg
Martin 1257-1510 1295-1310
Martin II 1281-1340 1310-1340
Frederick 1307-1369 1340-1369
William 1328-1372 1369-1372
William II 1353-1400 1372-1400
Frederick II 1374-1433 1400-1433
Peter II 1402-1457 1433-1457
Martin III 1429-1466 1457-1466
Herman 1449-1505 1466-1505 Camilla Orsini

The Dukedom of Avia is still claimed by the current Libertan royals. Marinus Lievertas, grandfather of King Robert I of Libertas, married Illeana Scaccione, daughter of Elisabetha Premis, daughter of Herman, Duke of Avia. The current holder of the title is Henry I, 28th Duke of Avia, who is also King of Libertas.

House of BarleEdit

Picture Monarch Life Reign Consort(s)
Giovanni Barle Giovanni I 1531-1590 1577-1590 Carlotta
Giovanni II of Juliana Giovanni II 1553-1607 1590-1607 Anna
Alberto I of Juliana Alberto 1578-1626 1607-1626 Amalia of Brunant
Carlo 1606-1662 1626-1662
Danilo 1625-1685 1662-1685
Ferrante 1653-1715 1685-1715
Carlo II 1675-1720 1715-1720
Ferrante II 1699-1757 1720-1757 Catharina of Libertas
Antonio 1719-1780 1757-1780
Danilo II 1745-1816 1780-1816 Maria Anna of Auersperg
Sofia I of Juliana Sofia 1771-1860 1816-1860 Daniel of Leiningen-Dagsburg

House of Leiningen-DagsburgEdit

Picture Monarch Life Reign Consort(s)
Daniel 1789-1863 1860-1863 TBD
Marco 1808-1874 1863-1874 Christine of Libertas
King Pietro I Pietro 1830-1902 1874-1902 Maria Giovanna of Tuscany
King Danilo III Danilo III 1875-1946 1902-1946 Martina Vukotić
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