NK Strivica is a football club based in Strivica. It was created in 1919 and is very popular. NK Strivica is in the Liga 1 Juliana. It has a large rivalry with Pisona F.C., and their matches is the most important of Juliana, the Juliana Classic.

For much of its history, NK Strivica has been the second most successful football club in Juliana, behind only Pisona F.C.; though, in recent years, A.C. Ciconia has also been as successful as NK Strivica.


No. Nation Position Player
1 Flag of Juliana GK Sead Elidič
2 Austria FW Marko Mitrić
3 Flag of Juliana FW Alen Gregorič
4 Flag of Juliana MF Giorgio Ettino
5 Flag of Juliana DF Ante Matičič
6 Bosnia and Herzegovina MF Amar Usarivić
7 Flag of Juliana FW Mehmet Safić
8 Flag of Juliana DF Mario Danarito
9 France DF Antonin Fabiani
10 Flag of Juliana MF Ivica Lotrič
11 Macedonia MF Ibraim Ljamchevski
12 Flag of Juliana DF James Smith-Crosby
13 Slovenia GK Nejc Močnik
14 Slovenia MF Primoz Topolovec
15 Flag of Juliana DF Aljaž Mišetič
16 Ghana FW Kasim Yeboah
17 Macedonia DF Andrej Ilievski

Notable former playersEdit

  • Flag of Juliana Enrique Cassio (2011-2015)
  • Libertas Loek Aartsen (loan 2014-2015)
  • Brazil Jules (2013-2016)
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