The Internal Police, (Notranja policija/polizia interna) was the secret police of Juliana during the communist period. It was crated in 1950 by Anton Berčič and existed until 1982. It was like STASI and KGB but less extreme than those. Serving as an intelligence and counter-intelligence agency, it dealt with any activity that could possibly be considered anti-communist.

History of NPIEdit

A purse camera

A purse camera of NPI

The communists used the NPI as an instrument of power and repression: the NPI spied on and intimidated political opponents of the Party and forged false criminal evidence against them. Other common practices included telephone tapping, permanent watching of apartments, reading mail, house searches, surveillance, and arrests.

After the 1950s, the organization began to assassinate opponents of the regime and dissidents in other countries and they were famous because they used pen guns. They assassinated was France Vidmar, Giovanni Valli, and a lot of times they contracted other people to assessinate targets.

In 1982 Juliana became democratic beacause of protests, but in 1980-1982 the NPI arrested many activists and scared protestors, but after 1982 many of the officials of the NPI escaped to be in other countries (Stefan Klemenčič, Pietro Rossi).

Popular cultureEdit

An agent of the NPI features in the Brunanter TV series The Network.

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