Diagram of the Congress of Deputies
In Juliana there exists many political parties in the Congress of Deputies but the biggest now are Positive Block and Civic Right. The 2014 Federal Election was the latest election in Juliana and a coalition government of centre and centre-left parties are in control. It is Positive Block, Social Democrats of Juliana, The Greens and 55 Plus

List of political parties in the CongressEdit

Logo Party Position Deputies
LOGO POSITIVE BLOCK Positive Block Centre-left 14
CIVIC rIGHT lOGO Civic Right Centre-right 11
Social Democrats if Juliana Social Democrats of Juliana left 10
Cristian Democratic Party Logo Christian Democratic Party Centre-right 6
The Greens Logo The Greens left 4
Socialist Party logo Socialist Party left 3
Logo of 55 Plus 55 Plus centre 2

Other Political PartiesEdit

Logo Party Position Deputies
PIRATE pARTY lOGO Pirate Party  ??? 0
 ??? PNJ-Nacionalisti  ??? 0
Logo of Humane Juliana Humane Juliana  ??? 0
MSU logo Moderate Social Union  ??? 0
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