The logo of Positive Block

Positive Block (Pozitiven blok/Blocco positivo) is a centre-left political party of Juliana. In the 2014 Federal Election Positive Block was the first party with most of the votes, so they are part of the government. The leader is Dianna Bartol and in the Congress of Deputies they have 14 seats. They are a part of the Government of Juliana and the biggest party.

Positive Block was created in 2006 and replaced the old Liberal Party of Juliana that was created in 1982.


Positive Block used to be called "Liberal Party of Juliana" and it was created in 1982.

PB was created in 2006 after the Liberal Party of Juliana was ended in 2006. PB is centre left but less leftist than Social Democrats of Juliana and the Socialist Party.


Electoral HistoryEdit

Did really well in the 2014 Federal Election and is the main party in the government. They got 27% off all of the seats in the congress, the best result.


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