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Mount Pretana


Pretana is the highest mountain in Juliana, located among the Julianan Alps in the western Avia Province. Monte Pretana is 1,830 metres tall and has a rich history of mountaineering among the Alps. It is an important natonal symbol in Juliana. Pretana was acended in 1806 for the first time, but before that 6 people tried to do that but they failed. In 1970 the area of Pretana was named Pretana National Park.


Pretana is situated in Pretana National Park. It's close to the border of Avia Province and Pisona Province. The mountain has a lot of beautiful vegetation and animals like birds, mountain hares, many types of moss and lichens and more.


Andraz Mora was the explorer that acended the mountain for the first time, in 1806. He was from Slovakia but he climbed a lot of mountains before. Since Andraz Mora explored the mountain a lot of mounainers and tourists came to climb the mountain or to visit the region.

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