Predsednik vlade/Primo ministro
Dianna Bartol picture
Dianna Bartol
since September 5, 2014
Inaugural holder Francesco Benetti
Residence Orli Street 27
Term length 4 years
Salary 1,234,000 justinas

The Prime Minister is the most important position of the Government of Juliana. Dianna Bartol of Positive Block is the Prime Minister since 2014 and will be until 2018.

List of Prime MinistersEdit

Royal Prime MinistersEdit

Prime Minister Period in power Party
Francesco Benetti 1715-1726 Conservative
Andrea Franco 1721-1730 Conservative
Paolo Marchese 1730-1744 Conservative
Peter Paulina 1744-1750 Conservative
Mario Marchese 1750-1759 Conservative
Michele Bencini 1759-1770 Conservative
Ludovico Grigio 1899-1902 National Party
Oskar Paulina 1902-1904 General Left
Ludovico Grigio 1904-1907 National Party
Oskar Paulina 1907-1910 General Left
Ludovico Grigio 1910-1911 National Party
Mario Verdi 1910-1915 National Party
Anton Klemenčič 1915 National Party
Anton Klemenčič 1919-1920 Agricultural Farmers Party
Robert Blažič 1922-1923 Socialist Party
Anton Klemenčič 1923-1925 Agricultural Farmers Party
Giovanni Granoni 1933-1940 National Party

Communist First Secretaries of the GovernmentEdit

Prime Minister Period in power Party
Anton Berčič 1946-1976 Communist Party
Peter Kaspar 1976 Communist Party
Janez Molk 1976-1981 Communist Party
Anton Moline 1981-1982 Communist Party

Modern Prime MinistersEdit

Prime Minister Period in power Party Government
Alberto Vergino 1982-1984 DP-DC Vergino I Government
Janko Lenček 1984-1987 DP-DC Lenček I Government
Marta Paulina 1986-1990 PCD-KCS Paulina I Government
Agosto Bencini 1990-1994 SD Bencini I Government
Janez Brančič 1994-1997 PBP Brančič I Government
Stefano Rossi 1997-2000 PCD-KCS Rossi I Government
Martin Gašparič 2000-2008 SD Gašparič I Government
Stefano Rossi 2008-2010 DP-DC Rossi II Government
Martin Gašparič 2010-2014 SD Gašparič II Government
Dianna Bartol 2014-present PBP Bartol I Government
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