Princess Giulia of Juliana, born Giulia Maria Martina Antonia di Juliana (1901-1957) was a Julianan princess. She was a daughter of King Danilo III of Juliana and Martina Vukotić.

She married French nobleman Emmanuel de Bernières (1906-1980) in 1933. They had two children: André (1935-2011) and Martine (1942). The family lived in Pisona.

When Italy invaded Juliana in 1941, the princess escaped with her family to Yugoslavia and Egypt. When her younger brother Crown Prince Stefan died in 1943, the king chose Giulia's daughter André as heir apparent to the Julianan throne. However, the monarchy was abolished in 1946 when the communist regime made Juliana into a republic. After this, she lived with her husband in London and Paris.

Princess Giulia died in 1957 in Brussels. Her husband would remarry three times.

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